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I love running. It’s simple, just put one foot in front of the other, and it will take you places, mentally, physically and geographically.

I started out running as a way of keeping fit on the road, not to mention staying sane, while working in the high pressure world of publishing in London and Sydney.

As a journalist, I’ve travelled the world and written for everyone from Marie Claire to Grazia, The Independent to The Daily Mail. Which has also given me the opportunity to run in a lot of places, from the coastal paths of Bondi and Biarritz, to the Las Vegas strip on one hand and the slums of Mumbai on the other.

To run through a silent city as the sun rises has helped me see urban spaces in new ways. And I’ve run in breathtakingly wild landscapes with nothing but the sound of my feet and the freewheeling birds. Most importantly, it has provided me with a way of connecting with people and cultures in a way that you often miss in the hustle and bustle of ordinary travel.

I’ve now been running for over 15 years, developing from a ‘run to get over my hangover’ jogger, to a runner who competes in races around the world, as well as a coach and online mentor.

This website is NOT about me performing some madcap run around the world. It’s for ordinary runners, like you and I, who can’t afford the time nor money to take on expeditions. But through small weekend breaks and holidays, we can can explore the world one run at a time.

From off road trails to road races in some of the most intriguing or scenic parts of the world, as well as homespun UK events, this website aims to help provide  a useful guide to where your next run could take you, along with where to stay, eat and recover post race.

So, if you love running and exploring, join me in journeying the globe one run at a time.

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