Petra Tou Romiou Nature Trail, Cyrpus

On 21st December 2012 by Rachael

When it comes to running, the more off road the better which makes southen Cyprus a paradise, covered as it is with over 1000kms of sign posted routes.

On a week’s break to Cyprus in May 2012, I woke up one morning, belly stuffed with meze and decided I had to go for a run. Heading out of my hotel, The Aprhodite Hills just outside Paphos, I immediately picked up the Petra Tou Romiou nature trail.

Meaning, ‘The Rock of the Greek,’ the name relates to a rock off the coast near Palepaphos, where the goddess Aphrodite is believed to have risen from the waves.

At just 7kms long one way,  it is the perfect early morning and late evening run (don’t go during the day in the summer unless you like running in the heat).

I’m not a fan of five star holiday resorts and it is easy to assume the coast is only inhabited by tourists in this area. But at 6am as I ran, the hills were alive with local hunters, their smiling faces wrinkled from the sun, their hunting dogs excitedly bounding through the gorse in search of rabbits.

As the trail wound up and down over the headland, the blue sea my constant companion, you bypass clumps  of wild artichoke and thyme.

There is a saying here that if you swim around the rock of Aphrodite three times it will bestow eternal youth.

I felt there must be some truth in it as I felt really sprightly, although it may have had something to do with the ridiculous amount of food I’d eaten the night before.

Definitely worth an early morning run.

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