Mumbai & Masala Dosa

On 25th December 2012 by Rachael
Hanging with my god daughter

Hanging with my god daughter

Xmas Day and while everyone else is probably tucking into chocolates and champers, I’m en route to Mumbai. In under four weeks, I will be running the Mumbai marathon, which is now in its tenth year.

I have no idea what to expect but I will be training with Girls on the Run, in the city trying to get used to the heat. Then, I’m heading to Kalimpong in the Himalayas where I shall try a bit of altitude training with some female Gurkhas.

They are being mentored and sponsored by Roshni Rai , an inspirational woman from Darjeeling who appears to be single handedly introducing Indian women to running.

Follow my updates for training around India.

I’m running this race in memory of my best friend, Holly, who died of cancer two years ago. She continues to inspire my life and I hope I will help to inspire her beautiful daughters , Lucia, nine and six year old Cerys, to be as adventurous in spirit as Holly. Current signs appear they have inherited her zest for life in spades!

I am raising money for Martlets Hospice who looked after Hols in the last few weeks of her life. You can sponsor me here


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