Eating on the run: India

On 17th January 2013 by Rachael


When it comes to fueling for endurance running and recovery, many recreational runners get tunnel vision.

The received wisdom is that you should always eat what you know works for you. Of course, this is true, particularly the night before a race. But it is a very boring approach if you like to travel and use running as a way of doing so.

And this stands particularly true for India where the food is phenomenal. And, where it is perfect for endurance running.

In South India, there is so much to choose from, including  masala dosa, lentil pancakes wrapped around curried potato with a coconut dip, to idly,  fermented rice moulds with sambhar.

Head north to the mountains where the influence of Tibetan and Nepali refugees means delicious Momos, steamed vegetable dumplings or soothing Thenthuc,  a vegetable soup with thick, pasta-like noodles, and you would be foolish to just stick to your home running foods.

And as for post run hydration, nothing could be better than the drink that Indians typically have to cool themselves down, a soda water laced with fresh lime and a teaspoon of salt and sugar, or fresh coconut water.

If you have run elsewhere in the world, which foods do you rate as fantastic running fuel?

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