Injury on the run

On 21st February 2013 by Rachael
Biking with FB Adventure Team

Biking with FB Adventure Team

Six weeks until the Marathon de Paris, and my training could not be going any worse.

I thought that after the Mumbai maratho,  my legs had recovered. But on arriving back in the UK, those five weeks of travelling on planes, trains, tuk tuks, and boats, all which disrupted my usual training had taken their toll.

All my usual strength & conditioning and biomechanics work had gone out of the window in India.  The result? Weak glutes, resulting in tight hip flexors and ITBS.

What do glutes have to do with ITBS or lower leg injuries you might wonder? A great deal, according to Sophie Lane, a physio at Perfect Balance Clinic.

‘ Our glutes hold our pelvis in a stable position, and help us extend our hip and propel us forwards,’ she says. ‘When they become deconditioned due to the amount of sitting we do day to day, resulting in shortened hip flexors, it reduces the ability of glutes to fire correctly, as the pelvis position has been taken out of the neutral position.

‘This causes the muscles attaching to the pelvis, including the glutes to be inhibited leading to injuries further down the body such as the knee, foot and ankle.’

All of which means, I am currently unable to run longer than four miles at one time.

So, if you’re injured and a marathon is looming, what do you do?

Many runners will have different ideas but for me, I’m turning to off road mountain biking, which uses the same muscles but with less impact. And glute work, foam rolling, dry needling, sports massage and…and….

It’s an expensive lark this running business.

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But there is a middle way, which may  not mean a personal best but could mean the difference between you running and finishing a , and while it means I will definitely not be getting any personal bests come April 7th, means I’ll make the start and finish line.



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