Taper Twist

On 3rd April 2013 by Rachael
Looks like Colorado

Looks like Colorado


Depending on which book, magazine article or study that you read, everyone has a different approach to tapering.

Me? I’m of the view that how you taper is very much down to the individual.

If marathon running was just about the physical body, then there might be a one size fits all approach. But endurance running is very much about the mental process. Therefore, how you taper should reflect this and it will not necessarily be the same every time you taper for marathon.

This is my third marathon in six months, and the thought of putting in more running during my taper just has not cut it this time.

So last weekend, just a week before the Paris Marathon I decided to go mountain biking in Brechfa, Wales. Admittedly, if you are careless or petrified of breaking a limb this close to a big race, it might not be the best idea.  Nor, indeed, scaling Pen Y Fan in icy conditions with a force gale wind (watch the video – unbelievable! )

But it worked for me. I’m now looking forward to getting my running trainers on and getting out there to run the Paris Marathon.

Of course, if  you’re running a marathon for the first time, then taking an unconventional approach may push you over the edge.

If you are like most first time marathon runners, you are probably terrified about  missing a single run, sure that it will make the difference between you finishing and dropping out.

Really, this close to a marathon, missing a few runs and heeding your body, mind and spirit is the very best approach you can take.

Rachael is running the marathon with www.sportstoursinternational.com

(If you do visit Brechfa, stay at Tyr C’ae , a fab B&B with great owners).

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