Istanbul 360

On 25th October 2014 by Rachael

From small street stalls selling freshly squeezed pomegrante juice and simit, small pastries covered in sesame seeds, all for less than 3 Turkish lire to chic rooftop restaurants, this city has something for all budgets and tastes


Don’t miss Istanbul 360, a stunning roof top restaurant and nightclub accessed via a lift in this 19th century old apartment block. It opens out onto a final wrought iron staircase to an entrance hidden behind a black-out curtain.

Push the curtain aside and it is like entering Narnia, as the darkness gives way to spectacular wraparound views of sparkling lights across the city. And the food more than matches the views.

We started with courgettes stuffed with rice and dressed with yoghurt, mint, artichoke and asparagus, matched with a delicious tian of aubergine and olive with walnuts.

The starters from their 360 Little Flavours to share menu are so delicious, it is tempting to just keep eating but leave room for the mains.

Dorade wrapped in a vine leaves was a clever twist on dolmades, with the juicy white flesh of the fish replacing the rice. And their version of Shish Kebab, succulent pieces of lamb which melted in the mouth as you ate were delicious with tomato confit and wild thyme salad.

We finished with their trademark dessert, Death by Chocolate. A somewhat naff, old fashioned name which nevertheless confounded expectations.

It was a round ball of chocolate, with angel hair spun from sugar and sesame. Pour hot caramel sauce over the top to create a Heston Blumenthal effect as the chocolate melted away to reveal a brownie base with mint chocolate ice cream. A strange sounding combination of flavours which worked.

A great place for a post marathon celebration although on Sunday night, I missed the live shows and DJs that are a feature of this venue on other nights.

How to find it: This main branch is right on the main thoroughfare Istiklal Street. You go through the entrance to a block of apartments. If you are worried that you’re going the wrong way, you are probably in the right spot! The lift is just on the left and there is usually a queue to go up. views

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