Training Plans with Strava

On 3rd June 2015 by Rachael


So, I realise that I’ve only just posted about Strava. But, they have just launched a new training plan feature for Premium Members which looks great.

All the plans are designed for peak race performance in 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon distances, and include tailored workouts created by expert coaches at McMillan Running, a US company renowned for their training nous.

You can choose from beginners, intermediate or advance level, although this appears to be decided by the option of how many times per week you run.

It is presented in an easy to read format, and your workout is emailed to you the evening of the night before your workout.

If, like me, you’re juggling work, socialising, and trying to fit in performance boosting runs, this is great because it means that you don’t miss any of your training sessions or miss half your training because you haven’t got round to writing yourself a plan. It also provides workout analysis so you can clearly see how well you are performing, or not, on every run.

In theory, it looks great. I’ll be giving it a go while training for my next marathon, the inaugural Fort William marathon on July 26th which I’ll be writing about for Runner’s World.

If you’re planning on running too, send me a tweet @fitbitchuk. Although those clever people at Strava have even created virtual race communities so you can race/train online with others who are taking part in your race event. Most of these are American based events, although it has flagged up Helsinki Marathon in August. Could I fit in another marathon this year…?

OK, I promise, no more Strava posts for a few weeks.

Strava Premium costs £3.99 per month.

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