Running Artists

On 7th July 2015 by Rachael

Want a unique way of helping you to run further? Try becoming a GPS artist…

Three years ago, when I was teaching a Yoga for Runners course, one of the runners in my course told me about the unique way that he was raising money for the upcoming marathon he was training for; he’d draw the name or a chosen design using┬áStrava for anyone who donated a certain amount of money.

Fast forward three years and Strava Art is now big news with runners attracting big followers who are just interested in what they’re going to draw next.

Not surprisingly, those who cycle can draw more elaborate designs, such as Sketchbook of a GPS Artist, who sketches dragonflies, racoons and more on Strava.


But when it comes to running artists, graphic designer, Claire Wyckoff from Portland, Oregon has gained quite a following for her designs including a birdcage in memory of Robin Williams, although her real muse is the penis.

As she says, it’s attracted lots more interest than anything else. And in drawing them, it’s developed her running.

‘I’ll go an extra five miles if it means finishing a picture,’ she says. ‘I can’t draw half a penis.’

And now, you can even have your own Strava or RunKeeper routes made into a print via Made with Sisu

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