Running jacket: Brooks LSD Jacket

On 20th July 2015 by Rachael

From spring to summer and autumn showers, this running jacket gets the thumbs up

Brooks LSD Jacket

Nothing beats my love for my Original Mountain Marathon Kamielka jacket. But it’s a ‘tough weather climate’ option and too hot for spring, summer and autumn.  And so I was keen to try the design revamp of Brooks LSD Jacket, (in currant, kale or fluro yellow for women, blue, fluro and asphalt for men).

When I reviewed it two summers ago, it had a lot going for it already (read my last review here) but now there have been some more improvements.

Like before, this jacket packs into its own pocket and at 4.3 ounces, it is still lighter than carrying a pair of gloves in most cases. Big thumbs up.

But the best improvement is that now, instead of having to clip it to a waistband or running pack, and having it swing about, this has an elastic band so that you can wear it around your upper arm and not feel it at all.

Packs up small and light to wear around your arm

I wore this around my upper arm on an 11 mile run and it didn’t bother me once. Which makes it, in my view, one of the best pieces of running kit to take to the start of a race. It will keep you warm and dry on the start line, and then you can wrap it up in it’s pocket and wear it for the race itself.

Other design innovations have been more stylistic, including side hems for full range of movement on the women’s version, as opposed to it being draw-string cinched at the bottom.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the side hems, which can gust up in wind. And I liked having a hood on the older version which is not on this version. Bring back these, and combined with the new style colours and the brilliant portability, and this would be my spring-autumn race and training jacket essential.

The Brooks LSD Jacket for men and women costs £70. For more information visit

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