The Ben Nevis Inn & Bunkhouse

On 7th August 2015 by Rachael

For a spectacular location and good food, don’t miss a stop at this fab little inn on the West Highland  Way 


Considering the fact that Fort William attracts mountain bikers, along with film crews from all over the world filming the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Championships, you’d expect Fort William to have some better places to eat (or maybe because that’s because at heart, I’m a Londoner). It doesn’t, which is why I was relieved to be recommended the Ben Nevis Inn, just a short drive from the centre.

I came here after running the Fort William marathon although I’d recommend it for pre-race fuelling too.

The menu is nothing fancy, haddock and chips, lamb steak, meat or veggie Haggis, and specials such as salmon pasta. But what you get is well cooked and seasoned, not to mention generous.

My sister had haddock and chips, the fish the size of a whale with fresh, crisp batter and lemon while the special of salmon with taglitelle was perfectly cooked. I keep coming back to the terms ‘well cooked’ because it is amazing how few restaurants or pubs do serve fish and vegetables cooked correctly.  Overcooked fish that makes your teeth squeak and soggy vegetables are real bugbears and happen all too often.

Combined with the good food, the atmosphere is great here with big, rough wooden tables and benches that you share, and an arched window that looks out to the foot paths and mountains. The conversation and music (someone started playing their guitar at the table when we were there) creates a good backdrop without it being overwhelming.

As a stop off for walkers doing the West Highland Way, it is perhaps not surprising that the menu features big, hearty desserts ranging from dark chocolate brownies to sticky toffee pudding and Scottish cranachan, a delicious blend of oats, cream, whiskey and raspberries.

Make sure you book in advance and ask for the table by the window – or at the least to be seated downstairs which has more atmosphere. Don’t come expecting Michelin star quality or innovative cooking but for comforting, well seasoned food, this is a winner.

The Ben Nevis Inn

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