What’s it like to run every day? #runnual

On 6th March 2016 by Rachael


On January 1st, I invited all those at Fitbitch, and who follow us on Facebook, the challenge of running every day in January (#runuary) as part of the Fitbitch Challenge Community. It didn’t matter how far or  fast, it was just about moving. I enjoyed it so much that I’ve continued and plan to run every day this year. Why, you might ask? Mainly because I was intrigued to see whether I could and how it would affect me, mind, body and soul. I’m only 65 days in of 366 (damn leap year!) but this is what I’ve found so far.


  • Meditative meander – one of the strangest and most unexpected effects of running every day, is that I’ve started to get to the stage where I start running and my body just moves, automatically with no effort or thought. It is so meditative that it almost feels like my body isn’t even there. Admittedly, I don’t necessarily feel like this while doing a track or hill session but if it’s just a get out and run kind of day, it feels amazing.
  • Perspective – I’ve spent over 15 years working as a journalist on national magazines. Sometimes, I worked on weekly titles which was highly pressured with daily and sometimes hourly deadlines. It means that I have got into the habit of always working, working, working until something is completed without getting up and moving. I’ve now owned my own company and freelanced for over six years but old habits die hard. Doing this challenge though means that I HAVE  to run which means that I’ve been forced to go out. And guess what? The work still gets done. And some of those things that I thought were vital really aren’t.
  • Beat the blues – I’m a pretty upbeat person but we all have days where we get a grumpy or feel a bit down. I kid you not, it is IMPOSSIBLE to not feel better after a run, no matter what is going on in your life.
  • Running is easier – I know, you might be thinking, ‘Of course it’s easier.’ But I don’t mean that it feels easier, I mean that knowing that you have to run everyday means that it is easier to slot it into your day. You stop procrastinating and thinking, ‘Ooh, I’m so busy,’ and somehow carve out the time that you need.

I’ve still got a long way to go this year, and if I get an injury, I won’t be silly about it and drag myself out with a crutch just for the sake of completing a challenge. But touch wood, I’m still in one piece although this may be due to the February Flexibility Challenge I just completed!

If you’re reading this and thinking, ‘I’m just not fit enough to do that,’ then think again. ANYONE can do this, even if you can’t run yet. Start by running just 100m and build gradually from there. Get yourself on Strava which will help motivate you as you see the number of miles slowly climb week on week, month on month. Hopefully, I’ll make it through the year along with my two fellow Fitbitches who have joined me on the challenge. You can follow my progress on Strava Rachael Woolston and on Instagram.

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