Poached Egg on Salmon Cake with Kale

On 11th March 2016 by Rachael
Post Run Brunch

Post Run Brunch


When it comes to those long, long marathon training runs the thought of what I’m going to eat is the thing that gets me through. But eating the right kind of food is really important. Simply fuel on things like cakes, sandwiches or crisps when you get back from a long run and you are likely to undo all the good training you have done as you are not providing your body with what it needs to recover.

This brunch recipe, is packed with essential fatty acids and proteins from the fish and egg, good glycogen replacement in the potato and lots of iron in the kale. But aside form all of that, it’s delicious too!



One egg

Handful of steamed kale

For the Potato & Salmon Cake

One large potato, cooked salmon filet, dijon mustard, butter, salt and pepper

Combine all the ingredients for the potato and salmon cake, mould into a patty and roll in flour and then fry in a pan on a medium heat. Serve on the steamed kale and top with the egg.



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